President's Message to ITMA Members

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Posted by Alvin Ong on April 11, 2017

Dear ITMA Members,
Appreciation to Outgoing Council Members
My warmest greetings to everyone in this new year! ITMA just held her 37th AGM on 28 March 2017 and a new Council for the term 2017/18 has been elected. I would like to thank outgoing Council members Ang Mui Kim, Tan Bee Teck, Kwa Kim Chiong, Eu Kwang Chin, Bruce Liang and Ramesh Narayanaswamy who had served and contributed their precious time and talent to ITMA. The Council is grateful to Vice-President Mui Kim who helmed the Professional Development portfolio for the past two years. Siew Yim Cheng has stepped up as Vice-President and will take over the Professional Development portfolio. Of special mention is Kim Chiong, also affectionately known as KC, who had served since 2002 and is the longest serving Council member in the history of ITMA. He will still be contributing as a planning committee member in the 11th CIO Study Trip committee led by Vice-President Alan Goh.
New Council Members
I would also like to welcome new Council members Mayda Lim, Clara Lee, Kendrick Lee and Alex Chan. If you recall, See Yoong Hwee was co-opted last term and has been elected as a full Council member this term. I also note that with four ladies in the new Council, we now have a better gender diversity ratio of 30-70. During the year, we hope to co-opt a few more Council members to assist in some of the planned activities and expose them to the work of ITMA.
ITMA’s Birthday
Are you aware that the date of our AGM, 28 March, also happened to be the 19th birthday of ITMA? It was on 28 March 1998 that our predecessor association, DPMA (Data Processing Management Association, formed in 1980) merged with the Singapore Information Management chapter of the Singapore Computer Society to form a new association, ITMA. We took the opportunity to celebrate our birthday at our AGM with a birthday cake bearing the ITMA logo and invited ITMA founder Professor Alex Siow and DPMA co-founder Rohan Kamis on stage to join in the cake cutting.
ITMA Masterplan
I am also glad to announce the introduction of the new “Future Ready, Value Creating Digital Leaders” programme for ITMA. This is the outcome of the inaugural ITMA 5-Year Masterplan Workshop held on 28 July 2016. It will be a blueprint for ITMA and is intended to guide our actions over the next few years. I would like to thank Honorary Secretary Mark Tham and his Accenture colleagues for working with me over the past few months to produce the excellent infographics and report. I have attached an executive summary for your reference.
Concluding Remarks
One of ITMA’s strengths is our strong network and camaraderie between members. We are more than a professional association. We are a community and a family in some ways. I am excited and confident that if we work together towards a shared vision, we can make a greater societal impact as ITMA. On behalf of the Council, I look forward to your continued strong support at all our upcoming events. Finally, I wish you and your families an amazing year ahead where nothing is impossible and possibilities become realities. 

Alvin Ong
President, IT Management Association (ITMA)
11 April 2017

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