President's Message to ITMA Members

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Posted by Alvin Ong on November 21, 2017

Dear ITMA Members,

Just in case you are not aware, ITMA is a NTUC’s U Associate member since 2 December 2016 and is plugged into the ecosystem of more than 60 professional associations. As an U Associate member, ITMA members can tap into the various NTUC programmes and receive support to up-skill themselves. ITMA is also a supporting partner of the recent U Future Leaders Summit 2017 held on 10 November 2017 and has helped to create a new “Future of Digital Leadership” track for the summit.

At the summit, NTUC Secretary-General, Mr Chan Chun Sing, engaged in a lively dialogue with the 1200 delegates and discussed the triple challenges of time, money and mind-set hindering their ability to re-skill themselves for the new world of work. He postulated that the current model of education and training might take too long to prepare workers to transit into new types of jobs and pushed for a new model of just-in-time delivery of pertinent bite-size information.

As IT leaders, we should be cognizant of these trends and guide our fellow IT professionals to re-skill themselves and prepare for the new world of work. Over the next four months till our 38th AGM will be events galore for ITMA members to network and to learn. Below is a sampling of what’s to come over the next four months.

ITMA Sake Appreciation Night (30 November 2017)
All places for the ITMA Sake Appreciation Night at the Orihara Shoten Bar @ Robertson Walk has been fully subscribed. Members who are successfully registered will learn more about sake, its ingredients used and pairing with food.

ITMA Whiskey Appreciation Night @ Bistro 1855 (21 December 2017)
The upcoming ITMA Whiskey Appreciation Night @ Bistro 1855 will be co-organised with Menlo. Look out for the eDM.

Good Morning CIO Breakfast Roundtable #2 – Rosina Howe (12 January 2018)
Our next distinguished speaker for the popular Good Morning CIO Breakfast Roundtable series will be Rosina Howe, who served as ITMA President from 2005 to 2006. Rosina recently retired from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) after having served 18 years as her CIO and Group Director, Innovation and InfoComm. With her wide and deep experience in many aspects of IT management, she will be eminently qualified to speak to members on the topic “Building a High Performance IT Team - The LTA Journey”. Do expect a talk filled with stories, anecdotes and insights from a well-respected veteran CIO.

ITMA 37th Annual Dinner (26 January 2018)
The theme for ITMA’s 37th Annual Dinner will be “Groove to the Future”. To be held at the St Regis, expect to be teleported into the futuristic world and feast our eyes with the most extraordinary setting and heart-stomping performances as we glide through the future world in the night. Look out for the eDM.

Dialogue with Chairman/CEO Series - IMDA CEO Tan Kiat How (tentatively February 2018)
We are honoured that Mr Tan Kiat How, the CEO of IMDA and Chairman of the TeSA (TechSkills Accelerator) Governing Council has agreed to be our distinguished speaker for the Dialogue with the Chairman/CEO series.

Visits to National Supercomputing Centre and Apple Singapore (Tentatively in February/March 2018)
These visits are being planned for and announcements will be made once confirmed.

ITMA 38th Annual General Meeting @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel (28 March 2018)
At the last AGM on 28 March 2017, we invited economist Dr Tan Kee Wee to make predictions about global economic outlook in 2017. Many of you enjoyed his insightful and entertaining talk cleverly based on a Hollywood movie theme. By popular demand, we will invite Dr Tan back at our 38th AGM on 28 March 2018 to review his 2017 predictions and share with ITMA members his predictions on the economic outlook for 2018. By the way, 28 March 2018 is also the date of ITMA's 20th anniversary since its change of name from DPMA to ITMA on 28 March 1998.

31st CIO Workshop (Tentatively 15 to 18 May 2018)
Each year, ITMA and Accenture jointly organise the highly popular CIO Workshop series which comprises a local conference held in Singapore and a short 3D/2N overseas study trip within Asia. Next year, the overseas leg of the 31st CIO Workshop will likely be in Shenzhen from 16 to 18 May 2018. Shenzhen is China's answer to Silicon Valley and the hotbed of IT companies such as Huawei, Tencent and ZTE.

Concluding Remarks
Since 2016, there have been more than 70 new sign-ups for ITMA membership. I would like to thank many of you who spread the benefits of joining ITMA and referred the new members to us. Ideally, if each of us can introduce one new member to join ITMA in 2018, we would have doubled our membership size by 2019.

I would like to thank my busy and hardworking Council members for their commitment and dedication to organise the many excellent events for members. I look forward to your continued strong support at all our upcoming events. It is also the time of the year where many go on their much deserved vacations with their families. On behalf of the Council, I wish you a happy, enjoyable and safe holiday.

Alvin Ong
President, IT Management Association (ITMA)
21st November 2017

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