The overall aim of the Association is to provide a forum of communication so that the experience and knowledge in the fields allied to Information Technology (IT) management can be exchanged for the benefit of members in particular and as a contribution to the development of the Republic of Singapore.

The specific objectives of the Association shall be:

To provide members with a meeting ground for the exchange of ideas and information, and to foster the spirit of co-operative effort and the sharing of experience and technical know-how.
To enlighten IT professionals and user management on the current issues of IT and the ways of deploying leading edge technologies so as to enhance the competitive advantages of their organisations.
To publish and distribute newsletters, technical papers and so forth so that members may keep abreast of the advances in IT.
To hold lectures, discussions, seminars, open forums and so forth on subjects related to IT management.
To affiliate with other professional bodies so that the foregoing objects can be better met.