The Information Technology Management Association (ITMA) was born in March 28, 1998 when the Data Processing Management Association of Singapore (DPMA) renamed itself and invited the Singapore Information Management Chapter of the Singapore Computer Society (SIM) to join them in a merger of sorts between two like-minded associations. The ITMA thus becomes the sole authority to represent the IT managers in Singapore. It has inherited an impressive history created by the combination of two organisations.

DPMA was founded in 1980, whereas SIM was in 1986. Both groups aimed to provide a medium of communication for members to share experiences and knowledge in IT Management.

ITMA will better serve the inspiration of IT managers who are largely recognized to have different needs from that of IT professionals. Membership now stands at more than 400, with members comprising prominent IT managers from various sectors uniting to form a strong voice in the industry, especially for the IT user organisations.

A wide array of activities and social events are organized throughout the year for members to gain new knowledge and build network. These events include IT conferences, professional talks, social talks, salary surveys, and other national IT events.

The members of the ITMA will continue to show their care for the community at large and will make direct contributions to the well being of the society. In the past, the ITMA organised charity dinners for raising funds for the less fortunate in our society, s small gesture from the IT industry. The Association has been giving annual awards to top tertiary students as a means to cultivate the students' desire to strive for excellence, an important attribute for a leader.

ITMA is playing its part to support the government efforts to establish Singapore as a software hub to compete in the international super league by providing a forum to band to IT management together in working out proposals on how IT can be leveraged for the nation's competitive advantage.