1. The Association shall be known as the "Information Technology Management Association (Singapore)" or in short "ITMA (Singapore)", hereinafter referred to as "the Association".

Place of business and meetings

2. Its place of business shall be at 78 Shenton Way, #26-02, Singapore 079120 or such other address as may be decided by the Council from time to time and approved by the Registrar of Societies.


3 a. The overall aim of the Association is to provide a forum of communication so that the experience and knowledge in the fields allied to Information Technology (IT) management can be exchanged for the benefit of members in particular and as a contribution to the development of the Republic of Singapore.

b.The specific objects of the Association shall be :

  • To provide members with a meeting ground for the exchange of ideas and information, and to foster the spirit of co-operative effort and the sharing of experience and technical know-how.
  • To enlighten IT professionals and user management on the current issues of IT and the ways of deploying leading edge technologies so as to enhance the competitive advantages of their organisations.
  • To publish and distribute newsletters, technical papers and so forth so that members may keep abreast of the advances in IT.
  • To hold lectures, discussions, seminars, open forums and so forth on subjects related to IT management.
  • To affiliate with other professional bodies so that the foregoing objects can be better met.


4.There will be three classes of members, as follows : -

a. An "Ordinary Member" is a person with tertiary or professional qualification acceptable to the Council and who is currently employed in Singapore in the capacity of a manager in charge of IT functions or who is involved in an equivalent position acceptable to the Council in fields allied to IT management and having worked in this capacity for a minimum of two years.

b. An "Associate Member" is a person with tertiary or professional qualification acceptable to the Council and who is currently employed in Singapore in the capacity of any manager for a minimum of 2 years and has a keen interest in fields allied to IT but does not fulfill the qualifications set down in Clause 4(a). An Associate Member has no voting rights.

c. An "Honorary Member" is a person considered by the Council to have made significant contribution in the field of IT management in Singapore. An Honorary Member shall be a person appointed by the Council. An Honorary Member has no voting rights and need not pay any fees.

5a. Membership shall be by application, accompanied by sufficient evidence of qualification and with at least one reference. Membership shall commence upon the approval by the Council.

b. Where a member who has been admitted as an Associate Member under Clause 4b qualifies subsequently for admission as an Ordinary Member under Clause 4a, he/she shall be admitted as an Ordinary Member with effect retrospectively from the date he/she was admitted as an Associate Member.

c. Where a member has to be away from Singapore for a period of not less than one year, he/she may apply for leave from the Council. If such leave is granted by the Council, the member's subscription fees shall be waived for such period deemed appropriate by the Council. On his/her return to Singapore, he/she may be re-admitted, at the discretion of the Council, as a member without loss of seniority or privileges.

6. The Council shall have the power to cancel the membership of any member who has brought disrepute to the Association either by his/her conduct or by conviction for criminal offences. Such cancellation shall be overturned only by the decision of the members at the General Meeting.

7. The first members of the Association shall be :

Chow Peng Tien John K C Pang
Lam Bin Thun Rohan bin Kamis
Lau Ping Sum Tan Keng Leong
Lawrence Lee Woo Lee Yong
Lim Kee Suan Ronnie Ho Toke Yuin

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