Upcoming Events

28th Chief Information Officer Workshop
30 June – 3 July 2015
Returning for the 28th year, this event has long been regarded as the annual conference that brings together CIOs and top IT leaders from both the public and private sectors across the region to discuss the most pressing topics affecting business and technology today...
ITMA 35th Annual General Meeting
31 March 2015
NOTICE OF Information Technology Management Association (SINGAPORE) 35th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM)...

Recent Events

Site Visit To SINGPOST
20 March 2015
Mark your calendar and join us on Friday, 20th March 2015 to find out how SingPost achieves operational excellence with its eCommerce Logistics capabilities and witness them in action...
SIS Panel Discussion on Protection of Personal Data in the Age of Big Data
10 February 2015
SMU is presenting a timely public event to examine issues at the intersection of this age of Big Data Driven Business and Government, and the individual's needs for protection of personal data...
ITMA 34th Annual Dinner
7 February 2015
ITMA is a community of successful forward-looking IT leaders who makes a difference to the IT industry in Singapore. This year, we will be celebrating our 34th year of success in advancing IT management as an industry and as a profession in Singapore.
SCS BCM Conference: Redefining BCM in the Cloud Era and Evolving
6 February 2015
The Singapore Computer Society is organising a unique conference on 6 February 2015 at the InterContinental Hotel. Titled "Redefining BCM in the Cloud Era and Evolving Risk Landscape", participants will get to hear from experts...
Lunch Time MTCS Talk
13 January 2015
Come and join us at this lunch time talk to find out about the MTCS standards and related initiatives towards understanding how it could help you in sourcing your cloud services provider.
20th IT Best Practices Seminar
6 November 2014
We celebrate the 20th year of IT Best Practices Seminar. This year's theme is "Looking Back, Looking Forward". Come hear from a very senior and experienced VIP, that has been instrumental in setting up the IT scene in Singapore, talk about his / her retrospective and a foresight.
8th ITMA CIO Study Trip, Sparking Innovation
8 – 12 September 2014
ITMA is organizing its 8th CIO Study Trip themed "Sparking Innovation", which will be in Switzerland and Liechtenstein between 8th and 12th of September.
Beyond IT: Empower Digital Business In The Age Of The Customer
19 August 2014
Over 75% of the companies currently on the Fortune Global 500 joined the list within the past decade. That's double the turnover we saw just two decades ago. Why? Tech-savvy customers and digital-native startups have changed the competitive landscape.
ITMA 3rd Nature Walk
19 July 2014
We've recently had our second Nature Walk, and many have suggested we make this highly enjoyable activity a regular affair.
27th Chief Information Officer Workshop
2 – 4 July 2014
Long regarded as the de-facto annual IT conference, the CIO Workshop brings together CIOs, CTOs and top IT leaders from both the public and private sectors across different industries to discuss the most pressing topics affecting businesses and technology today and in the future.
ITMA 2nd Nature Walk
28 June 2014
Our recent nature walk was very well-received. During the brunch at Ghim Moh market, some of the participants spoke to us about organising another nature walk, and we have done just that.
Dinner In A Connected World
18 June 2014
After a false start in the dot-com years, the era of "The Internet of Things" (IoT) has really arrived today. The number of connected devices will continue to grow exponentially over the next 5 to 10 years.
ITMA Nature Walk
3 May 2014
Together with seasoned walker Stephen Goh, CTO of World Vision International, we have organised a nature walk and networking session open to all members. Our walks have always been a great time to gather together, so see you there!!
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