ITMA Lunch - Gartner IT Key Metrics Survey & Singapore Country R

Mon 06.08.2012
12:00 to 14:00
Novus Restaurant at National Museum
93 Stamford Road, #01-02 The National Museum


“Empowering You For Budget Justification”


As CIOs or Senior IT Executives, when you have annual discussion with your CEO and CFO on IT budget, are you being asked the following questions?

•    How is our IT budget compared with our competitors in our industry?
•    IT budget as a % of our revenue, are we spending too much on IT?
•    IT budget as a % of our operating expenses, are we OK?
•    Do we have a right mix in our IT budget – People, HW, SW, management etc

We are hosting a lunch on the 6th of August 2012 (Monday) @ 12pm – 2pm, at Novus Restaurant @ National Museum. At this lunch, we will share with you 2012 Gartner’s IT Key Metrics Survey and 2011 Singapore IT benchmark report. This is a fully sponsored survey in collaboration between ITMA and Gartner Executive Programs, worth thousands of dollars if done independently. There is a limit of 35 participants for this lunch, and thus it is on a first come, first serve basis.

Main objective of this project is - To empower CIOs to better justify your 2013 IT budget. Participating in the project will provide you a structured way to collect and review your budget data.

With your participation, you will receive a personalized company IT Budget benchmark (Executive Assessment) report. Sample of the Executive Assessment report and Singapore Country report are attached for your information. The Executive Assessment report will cover the following comparison:

•    IT Spending as a % of Total Revenues
•    IT Spending as a % of Operating Expenses
•    IT Spending per Company Employee
•    T Employees as a % of Company Employees
•    In House vs. Contract IT Employees
•    Capital vs. Operational IT Spending
•    IT Spend Distribution (HW, SW, Personnel, Outsourcing, Other)
•    IT Spend Distribution (Run, Grow, Transform)
•    Spending and Staffing
•    IT Security Metrics Comparison
•    IT Outsourcing Metrics Comparison
•    IT Applications Metrics Comparison

In previous years, many CIOs have found this survey and Executive Assessment report to be very useful tools. In 2010 the IT leader for a multi-billion (US) dollar multinational insurance company told us, “Thank you very much; for us it is very important to participate in this assessment.”; and another CIO commented “I found the resulting report to be very valuable when comparing my company to the industry”.

You are invited to participate by completing the IT Key Metric Data Survey spreadsheet (see attached). Deadline for completion is September 2nd, 2012.

We will send you a copy of your personalized Company IT Budget benchmark (Executive Assessment) report and a Singapore country benchmark report in Nov 2012. Please submit your completed survey spreadsheet to Mr. Wong Yuet Nan, Executive Partner at Gartner. Please also direct any questions to him – yuetnan.wong@gartner.com.

We look forward to your participation.


Steve Lee, Vice President of ITMA

Kho Sheau Ling, Gartner Singapore Country Manager