Green Data Centre Forum

Thu 31.03.2011
08:15 to 17:30
SMU Conference Hall 1, Administration Building

Data centres can no longer pay scant attention to the rising costs of energy prices as power typically takes up half the operating costs of a data centre. An energy efficient data centre, along with concerns for its environmental impact, should now be in the radar of CXOs.

The Green Data Centre Forum is a full day free event that brings together a host of distinguished speakers to share on various topics ranging from standards, best practices, energy assessment and innovations that will help the forum delegates embark on a journey to green or greener data centres.

Forum Highlights

Green DC Initiatives
Benefits and Importance of Standardisation
Data Centre Efficiency Trends
Energy Assessment: Ins and Outs
Technology and Solutions Networking Sessions

Forum Program

This is a 1-day event bringing together the data centre community to explore and learn about green data centres; especially about standards, assessment, and innovations. The morning session will cover initiatives in green data centres, key trends in data centre energy efficiency and best practices that one can adopt to realise a more energy efficient data centre.

In the afternoon, experts and practitioners will cover areas that are important for green data centre consideration: standards adoption and certification, energy assessment and baseline, evaluating your data centre performance and technology and solutions that are ready for implementation to realise the journey towards green data centres.