Let’s talk Feng Shui!

Fri 09.03.2012
19:00 to 22:00
Xi Yan Private Dining
38A, Craig Road Singapore 089676

Greetings to all ITMAsians’ Men & Ladies!
Do you want to have a REST assured (Relax & Enjoyable yet Steady & Thriving) 2012?
If your answer is YES!, then you must come join us in this CANNOT MISS event ‘Let’s Talk Feng Shui’ organized by ITMA and the LIG! Yes, you did not get it wrong, both men and ladies are invited as this is LIG’s specially arranged one and only ‘cut-ribbon’ event!
To mark this LIG event, we have specially invited a lovely lady Feng Shui consultant. Not only is Adelina a rare lady Feng Shui guru, she is also one of Singapore’s foremost Feng Shui experts who has respected presence in the Feng Shui field since 1995.
Let Adelina shares her insights and tips for a REST assured 2012 and beyond with her 88 mins talk on
-  What is Feng Shui?
-  How it works?
-  The benefits of Feng Shui
-  3 most important influence at work & at home
-  How to improve the Fengshui
-  The Do's and Don'ts
-  Myths about Fengshui
Mark your calendar this special date with LIG for a REST assured time of delightful dinner and networking session with all lovely ITMAsians!
Remember to register FAST! Limited seats ok!

Organized by ITMA and LIG
Supported by BT Global, world’s leading providers of communications solutions